How to Download Albums & Mp3 Free

Mphiphop was founded in 2019, previously known as and I can tell I still see some of you guys from then on here now. We try to retain quality over the years and if you’re looking for the best place to download music, then you already found one.

From the name, the site at first was focused strictly on hip-hop but on user demands, we had to extend and add some more genres and countries (South Africa, Nigeria, France) and we’re still open for extensions.

Mphiphop is a free music streaming and downloading site, we try our best to get music early for people who don’t use streaming sites and also to kinds of music that are not available on streaming sites.

If you enjoy a release and you can afford to buy it to support the artist please do.

It’s your first time on the site and that’s why you’re probably reading this. When you’re done reading this, you should be able to download files without single stress.

How Do I Download Singles?

About 90% of singles on the site are in MP3 format, making M4A(AAC) have the remaining 10% and usually they have a direct download link, and of course, you can stream them online. If you’re unable to play a single on the site and as well as download the file, please try to notify us to fix the broken link.

How Do I Download Albums?

Hosting albums isn’t as easy as singles because of their size. Compared to singles, they take at least 50% extra more spaces which is why we host them on external servers so we do not experience congestion or overload on our server.

When you click a download link for an album you’re usually directed to a site where there’s a list of download links, click on your preferred link and you’re good to go.

Usually, all albums have at least two download links (Zippyshare, dropapk), which we cannot keep track of all the links manually to know which is still online this is usually as a result of copyright issues and sometimes files get deleted as early as 6 hours after uploading especially on Zippyshare.

Although it’s not as easy to download on Dropapk as on Zippyshare it has a longer retention period and you should consider signing up and if you can purchase a plan using our affiliate link, you’ll be supporting and funding the site in some kind of way.

Recently, we have decided to add more hosts including anonfiles, dbree, but we will be working more with zippyshare and dropapk.

Also, as suggested that we create a Telegram channel, we created one and all album uploads (both old and new albums From August 21st, 2020) are available for download on the Channel. I can’t tell how long this is going to be on but for now, you should take advantage of the one-click download 🙂

In situations where Dropapk and Zippyshare links aren’t working, that means the upload is down and do the good work by informing us and we’ll try to get it back up.

Album Singles?

We used to add all album singles but now we cannot assure you we’ll add singles of an album as we have limited hands on deck and more than enough to cover.

We only add the singles when there are enough requests for it otherwise just download the zip file, unzip it and enjoy it bruh.

Why are there Fake Download Links?

To keep the site running, we need to show ads to users but since we hate annoying ads as much as you do, fake download links are better compared to pops and intrusive ads.

You only need to figure out which is the real download link and you’re good to go, so good luck figuring out the fake link and the original one.

Even when you figure it out, do ensure that you support us by viewing ads sometimes because that’s the only way to keep the site running.

There is always a working download link for MP3 files and at least 70% of albums.

Technical Issues

Please note that the site is run by a human being and not some sort of professional bot and so we can make mistakes including but not limited to incorrect tags, incorrect file name, quality differences, archive error, incomplete files but when you notice this, be the first to notify us and we’ll be glad to fix it.

Support Us

If you enjoy the site so much, you can support us by telling your friend about us. Don’t wanna tell a friend? Damn you good, perhaps you want to donate some Bitcoinsssss.


If you have any questions, do use the comment box below and they will be answered as soon as possible.


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